May 5th National Day of Awareness for mmiwg

A Virtual Day of Healing 6-7:30 pm MST via Facebook Live

In 2018, the U.S. Senate adopted a resolution proclaiming May 5th as a National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native American Women and Girls. In 2019, the Utah legislature adopted a resolution proclaiming May 5thas “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and LGBT+ Awareness Day in Utah. To commemorate this day, Restoring Ancestral Winds, tribal coalition whose mission is to end sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking, and stalking in Indigenous communities, will be hosting a panel with experts and Tribal leaders to discuss the current state of the crisis and recommendations to end this crisis and bring healing to all our communities and nations. 

The following questions will guide the conversation:

  • What does healing from this crisis look like?
  • What are the origins of this crisis? And what factors or conditions maintain the crisis?
  • What can task forces do to end this crisis? What limitations exist with state, tribal, and federal task forces?
  • What is missing from the current conversation and policy actions taken by tribes and states around Murdered and Missing?
  • What sort of data, including, and especially, non-traditional forms of data are critical to a) understanding the scope of the crisis; and b) essential for the healing of tribal citizens and their communities?
  • What can allies do to bring an end to this crisis?
  • What does the end of the crisis look like and what does that mean for both Indigenous nations and the U.S.?

Please join Restoring Ancestral Winds and this stellar group of scholars, activists, and Tribal and community leaders for this important conversation on this crisis that has impacted individuals and communities across the nation and continent. Learn about the crisis, learn the names of victims, learn how to honor the lives of those lost and missing by acting as good allies and stewards of their stories.